Super strong nets
Polyester nets tied by knots - exceptional strength
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Polyester woven
in standard and non-standard renditions
• cover for wagons and containers
• preventing cargo movement during transport (by road, rail, sea, air)
• for timber transport
• preventing large objects from releasing/flying away
• for securing and transporting materials that are unsuitable for palletizing
• big bag reinforcement
Material: High-tenacity polyester yarn
Size: The basic module size is 1.2 x 1 meters
Modules are connected to desired size
Mesh size: Standard 10 x 10 cm
Strength of interlaced cords in kg: Lengthwise cords      x   Crosswise cords

Type Ultra Strong
     25 000 kg            x     800 kg

Type Super Strong
      1 300 kg             x     500 kg

Type Strong
       800 kg               x     400 kg
Net gripping: Meshes for rope attachment or attachment by metal clamping elements
* We are ready to create your net according to your specific requirements