Our unique PrESS strapping was developed for the purpose of retaining volume of press-compacted materials (PET bottles, LPDE wraps, foam materials and other light materials). Sufficiently compressed and fixed packages are required mostly during transportation in order to increase the weight of the transportation unit.

Expenses for transportation of compressed material from garbage collectors to garbage processors are an important economic factor today. The better the packages are compressed and fixed, the lower the expenses for their transportation. Vehicles transporting insufficiently compressed and fixed packages are often utilized to their full volume capacity but only to about a half of their weight capacity. By transporting loads which are well compressed and fixed, it is possible to increase the quantity of transported material by a third, which means, e. g., that the material is brought to its target location by two trucks, not three. Therefore it is possible to save transporation cost of one truck per route.

PrESS strapping prevents the innate tendency of the compressed package to expand during transportation. The width of all PrESS straps (including those with a high break point) is 15 mm or less, facilitating the guidance of the strap in the press. PrESS strapping does not require buckles or seals of any sort: they are bound into a knot. They are specially impregnated to remain soft and they do not glide in the knots.
woven polyester strapping

Standard features
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Product ID Break point Coil length Tube diameter
PrESS 320 3 200 N 500 m 75 mm
PrESS 420 4 200 N 450 m 75 mm
PrESS 500 5 000 N 500 m 75 mm
PrESS 800 8 000 N 425 m 75 mm
PrESS 1100 11 000 N 300 m 75 mm
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Polyester woven
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