Tensioners - mechanical
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H22 Tensioner

Used with PES strapping and wire buckles.
The width of applicable strapping is 13 - 19 mm.
H26 Tensioner

Applicable for manual strapping of heavier items.
Used with wire buckles and PES strapping of a width up to 32 mm.
Jumbo H26L Tensioner

Heavy-load tensioner for PES strapping of a width 25 - 50 mm.

H28 Tensioner

A special tensioner designed for strapping round objects.
Used with PES strapping of a width up to 20 mm and wire buckles.
CP14 Tensioner

Used with seals and PP strapping.
Tensioners - pneumatical
HPN-1 is designed for winding PES strapping of a width 13 - 32 mm. It is used mostly in facilities with a greater strapping capacity. The tightening force is adjusted by the regulation of compressed air pressure. The operational air pressure is from 5 to 7 bars.

The main advantages of HPN-1 are:

· great tightening force
· simple operation
· low weight
· the possibility of a precise adjustment of the tightening force (up to 3500 N)
HPN-1 Pneumatical Tensioner
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