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PUTO, s.r.o. is a Slovak production and distribution company operating in the packaging industry. The company was established in 2004 as the successive company to SK-PUTO and further on developed into a leading producer of woven polyester strapping in central Europe.

In the productive sphere we specialize in producing Polyester Woven Strapping (PES) in standard as well as non-standard renditions. With the objective of providing complete service we also deal with distribution of other products designed for packaging and securing cargo during transportation.

We produce polyester woven strapping in two basic types.
PUTO PSAW strapping is designed mainly for securing cargo during transportation and PUTO PrESS strapping finds its widespread use particularly in the recycling industry.

Our goal is to provide customers with high-quality products facilitating packaging and transportation of their own products. We understand the heightened demand for a safer alternative to traditional steel banding which has considerable safety drawbacks. PES strapping presents a suitable alternative. The multitude of qualities such as great break strength, flexibility and the capability to soften road bumps during transportation make PES the most appropriate fixation instrument to be used during transportation of heavy loads. Compared to steel banding PES strapping provides easier and safer manipulation, does not damage secured goods and furthermore is able to maintain the strength of steel banding.

The production process, during which the most modern technology is applied, is constantly overseen by experienced employees who inspect the quality of our products. Product quality and the following customer satisfaction as well as safe transportation of goods is our foremost concern. PUTO strapping is woven out of high-quality 100 % polyester fibre. PSAW strapping is tested and
certified in the Test Laboratory of Machine Part Strength at Transport Research Institue in Žilina. PSAW strapping meets all the criteria demanded by UIC guidelines which are binding for both domestic and international goods transportation.

In addition to standard renditions, we also provide solutions for securing cargo based on the specific requirements of our clients.

For more detailed information, please call 00421 905 630 536. We will be very glad to help you.

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