An increased safety of users and protection of goods
•  no sharp edges
•  does not rust
•  no sudden and hazardous springing after cutting the tape

Simple manipulation - effective fixation
•  retensionable
•  lighter than steel but with the same strength
weather and temperature resistant
•  increased shock absorbency
•  elastic memory

Standard features
woven polyester strapping
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Product ID Width Break strength Coil length Tube diameter Winding
40 PSAW 13 mm 4 400 N 1 100 m 75 mm Traverse
50 PSAW 16 mm 5 000 N 850 m 75 mm Traverse
60 PSAW 19 mm 5 800 N 600 m 75 mm Traverse
65 PSAW 19 mm 8 000 N 500 m 75 mm Traverse
90 PSAW 25 mm 10 500 N 500 m 75 mm Traverse
95 PSAW 25 mm 13 000 N 400 m 75 mm Traverse
105 PSAW 32 mm 14 500 N 150 m / 300 m 75 mm Traverse / Single-row
200 PSAW 36 mm 20 000 N 150 m 75 mm Traverse / Single-row
Product ID Width Break strength Coil length Tube diameter Winding
40 PW 13 mm 3 800 N 1 200 m 75 mm Traverse
50 PW 16 mm 4 600 N 925 m 75 mm Traverse
60 PW 19 mm 5 000 N 600 m 75 mm Traverse
PSAW strapping is mainly designed for securing cargo during transport. Because of high break strength it is classified as “heavy duty strap”. PSAW is woven from elastic and resistant polyester fibres* reinforced by a special impregnation technique. It has great shape adaptability in regard to the strapped object.

* Polyester fibres have a tendency to return to the initial length if stretched up to 10 %. A tightened strap therefore works as “tight rubber”. If, however, the fixed cargo load budges during transportation in consequence of incorrect placement, shortening of PSAW towards its initial position (i.e. length before the enwinding of the strapping onto the load) will occur and the displaced load is once again perfectly secured and fixed.
Comparison: In case of steel banding, the steal strap ceases to fulfill its function after the budging during transportation consequently loosely hanging on the material. In such case, the cargo can spill or, as in the case of a sudden change in the movement of the vehicle (e. g. a severe braking), slip out of the fastening loop in the driving direction.

PUTO PSAW is used in combination with
wire buckles made of phosphate-coated or zince-coated steel.
When fixing materials that are prone to deformation or materials with sharp edges, a combination of PSAW and
corner protectors is reccomended.
PW strapping is designed for fixing materials which can be deformed more easily, e. g. aluminium profiles, cardboards and light plastic pressings, such as car fenders.

We produce PUTO PW with lower break points with emphasis mainly on the strapping flexibility. These specifications enable exerting minimal pressure on the fixed material and prevent its deformations.
woven polyester strapping

Standard features
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